A calm and humble life will bring more happiness than the pursuit of success and the constant restlessness that comes with it.

Albert Einstein

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The countdown is on - my new book will be published on April 07, 2020 and can already be ordered here (pre-sale):


Was Sie dachten, niemals über Kanada wissen zu wollen

Feel free to check my publisher's website for more information. You can also find a short interview and other interesting books.






Replace your sugary cereal with oatmeal and fruit or berries. This is one of the healthiest breakfasts you can have. Studies have shown that, in addition to other numerous health benefits, oatmeal considerably lowers blood pressure and LDL (the "bad") cholesterol. Systolic blood pressure can be lowered by as much as 7.5 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by 5.5 mmHg. Add some banana slices or berries and half a teaspoon of cinnamon (regulates your blood sugar level) and you will have a healthy start into your day. Bananas are high in potassium, which helps your kidneys balance sodium levels and remove excess water, which contributes to high blood pressure.


I am often asked about supplements. As a general rule, I'd rather see you get your micronutrients by eating healthy, nutrient-dense food than by popping pills. That being said, there are four supplements I consider very important with the most important one being zinc. Apart from numerous other benefits, zinc is vital for healthy skin, wound healing, and it also boosts your immune system, particularly in the fall and winter. Recent studies have shown that it also helps with IBD and depression. The other three supplements I recommend are magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin D. Please always talk to your doctor first before adding any supplements to your diet!


For all chewing gum lovers: a study published by the Mayo Clinic in the NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine) suggests that chewing gum (sugar-free that is) leads to an increase in energy expenditure hence contributing to weight loss. Chewing gum has numerous other health benefits. Do some research and you'll be amazed at all the positive effects chewing gum might have on your health.


For anybody interested in my personal story and/or the topic of immigration I wrote a book (published under my maiden name Manuela Ellebruch), which is available in German bookstores or online at German internet bookstores. "Als Auswanderer in Kanada - Die ersten 365 Tage" . My book can also be ordered directly from the publisher (Buchverlag König). Enjoy!